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Hi! My name is Sydney Clayton and I’m a senior at Harpeth Hall. I’m the oldest sibling in my family with an 11th grade brother and a 6th grade sister who also goes to Harpeth Hall. I love music, reading, photography, and (shocker) traveling. I’ve travelled to Europe with my family and more recently to Australia with a student group a lot like this one. However, I’ve never really felt the phenomena of culture shock and I’m both nervous and excited about how soon that might change. I’ve always dreamed of going to India so I’m ecstatic now that it’s finally happening; I can’t wait to learn about a culture totally different from my own and start getting out of the bubble most of us currently reside in, even if doing so is harder than expected. I’m particularly excited to learn more about the different religions and customs of India by experience rather than what I’ve read from a book and to be able to hear about a culture from the mouth of those who practice it. My goal for this trip is to keep an open mind and learn as much as I can, whether it be about India itself or life in general.