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Introductions & Pre-Course Assignment

Namaste friends –

As we instructors prepare for your arrival in India, we want to provide you with a prompt to get you to begin thinking about your upcoming spring semester. In addition, we are hoping you will take this opportunity to introduce yourself to our group!

While we hesitate to use the term, “assignment” – we are going to use it anyway in the interest of re-conditioning your understanding of the term. On this program, we’ll ask you to actively engage with your experience in many different experiential and reflective ways. While there might be “tasks” involved, the goal is simply to deepen your experience and squeeze the natural joy out of your curiosity, exploration, and learning.

With the above intention, we’d like to present you your first assignment!

The goal is two-part:

1) To introduce yourself to your fellow travelers. Please include a photo!

2) To begin thinking about India and your pre-conceived notions about the place and its people.

Watch Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s wonderful TED talk, The Danger of a Single Story and share a story or perception you currently have about India. What are some ways you expect these thoughts to shift once you arrive in India?

Please write a response to the TED talk that is between two and four paragraphs. We will discuss your responses once we are in-country. In your Yak post, you can introduce yourselves first, and give your response to the TED talk second.

We would like each of you to complete this, however if you are taking any accredited courses with us this Spring, this assignment is mandatory and is due January 29th.