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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

On to Patan, Nepal

We arrived in Patan on Wednesday, January 17th and began our journey here with an amazing tour of the city and an overview of the collaborative efforts to rebuild after the 2015 earthquake. This first photo is of the beautiful Chandeshwari Temple. In the afternoon we got to meet our home stay families, and the excitement from our group was palpable. Even though this is an adult dragons group, I think we all felt like giddy children! Each of us will get to learn an art that has been passed down through these artisan families for many generations. These arts include jewelry making, painting, metal statue work and wood carving. The second photo is an example of the beautiful ornate wood working that is seen in many of the window frames throughout Patan.

I was met by my home stay father and his 17 year old son, and we made the 25 minute walk back to their home with animated conversation about our two countries. Upon our arrival I was greeted by their dog named Prince with quite a bit of barking and growling, but I am determined to become his friend before I leave. My home stay father Rajesh will be teaching me the art of metal embossing- something he makes look easy, but I am sure it will be challenging to grasp even some of the basic techniques in the short time that we will have together. In addition to the time spent on learning about metal embossing, I look forward to living with this lovely Newari family and learning more about their culture and Buddhist way of life.