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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Pre-Course Assignments

Hi again Dragons!

Another note from your ITeam. We hope you’re all getting ready to start your adventures in Nepal and have found the last few Yaks helpful in making you feel more prepared for the journey ahead. Below are your pre-course assignments which will further help you get ready for Nepal. In addition, any Nepali words or phrases that you can learn will obviously be an advantage too!

1). During our time together there will be a number of festivals happening in Nepal. Please identify one that jumps out for you, or sounds interesting to you and do some research about it. Some questions to get you started could be: when it is this year (potentially more than one answer here…)? what does it celebrate? who celebrates it? Where is it celebrated? How is it celebrated? Please be ready to do a short presentation to the rest of the group once we’re all together in Nepal.

2). Read “Why we travel” by Pico Iyer *

3). Post a Yak! By now you have probably read our Instructor Introduction Yaks. Now it’s your turn! Introduce yourself to your fellow Dragons students and to your ITeam. THIS is our yak board. This link should have been highlighted to you already, but please remember to share it with family and friends before you leave so that they can keep up to date with where you are and what you’ve been doing – this is where we post notes from the field during the course as well as photographs. Please remember that this is a public forum, so anything you post can be seen by the WORLD!

THAT’S IT! Have fun with these assignments. We don’t want to over burden you in the run up to your departure. These assignments have been thought out to be really useful preparation and can help get your mind ready so do find some time to do them.

Signing out for now,

Dave, Nick and Shanti

*Hint: you have some long flights ahead of you. You could do some reading then.