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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Recent Questions

Hi again friends

Thanks for all the recent questions you have posted on the yak board. Keep them coming and we will keep answering them here!

Early Arrivals
There are several options open to those of you coming early. One is for you to stay in the same guesthouse in which we will have our orientation (Shechen, posted in the yak on arrival instructions). The guesthouse is quiet and away from the main tourist areas, and has its own restaurant.

Another option would be for you to stay in the tourist area of Thamel, which is a place that we will not be visiting on our trip (for those of you with some experience of Dragons programs, you will know that we try to avoid heavily-touristed areas!) The advantages of this is that within walking distance you will be able to find everything that you need – good restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, massage places and even nightlife! It may be more of a soft-landing for you before we dive into what Dragons refer to as “rugged travel”. We recommend Kathmandu Guesthouse or Annapurna Guesthouse.

Depending on what you’d like to do with your time, we could recommend other places for you as well. If you would like tailored advice, or would like us to reserve accommodation for you (which we are more than happy to do!) please email Claire on learningwithclaire [at]

After the Program
There are a whole range of options for you to stay after the program as well. Luckily, our trip is not in high tourist season so early reservations are not usually necessary, so our main recommendation is to arrive first, check out Nepal, and decide what you need more of during the program! We are happy to help you make bookings and arrangements while you are here. If you’d like more specific advice in advance, or for us to book somewhere for you, please email Claire on the address above.

Cash in Kathmandu
Kathmandu is a city in which you can live for virtually nothing if you want, and also a place in which you can spend more money per day than in the US! Therefore it is hard to give even ballpark figures for spending. I suggest changing $50 in the airport and getting more when you are settled into the program. There are also ATMs easily accessible during our urban time (less so at the ashram).  A taxi from the airport should be around $5-10.

Homestay families
Some of the homestay families have children but most of them don’t. One reason for this, that we will explore more on our program,  is that many of the artisan families have older children who chose not to follow the family trade, so many of our hosts are older. However if you want to bring fun stuff for children we will definitely find a use for it on our program (possibly in the ashram!)

Hope this answers all your questions for now, looking forward to meeting you next week!

Claire & Rishi