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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.


Hi Christina and all of you wondering about this very important question of footware.

So ideally the shoes you bring on this program will be comfortable, sturdy enough to walk up mountains, warm, waterproof and able to get mucky. I know it can be hard to find all those qualities in one shoe, so we are in awe of you trying, Christina, and your Uggs seem pretty close. You are right that there will be opportunity to get a little mucky in the ashram – we may be helping weed the garden or clean out the cow sheds! However we will also make sure that there are indoor service options for us too.

Please note that it might rain at some point during our trip. We have so far had a super dry winter (to the point that some of the snow-capped mountains are nothing-capped) but it does sometimes rain in this season, so just letting you know to consider that too when thinking about footware.