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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Some suggested reading

As our trip draws ever nearer, logistical considerations, such as what to pack and how to get to the airport, can crowd our minds, so I’d like to invite us to take some time to reflect on some of the issues and topics we hope to explore on our course.

Here are a few rich articles to whet your appetite and start preparing your mind for what we are going to be learning about together!

Pico Iyer, Why We Travel –, is a beautifully-written exploration of the profound personal development that can come from traveling in a new place with an open mind.

A recent article in the Christian Science Monitor looks at the artisans in Patan and how they are working towards rebuilding their heritage from the rubble of the earthquake:

A devotee muses upon the importance of retreat and the meaning of karma yoga:

We hope you are enjoying your last few days at home with family and friends. And if you don’t have much time to read these articles in advance, we recommend them as a wonderful way to occupy your time on the flight over!