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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Student Introduction

Om friends,
I am so excited and extremely grateful to begin our adventure together in less than two weeks!

My name is Jacqueline, but most refer to me as Missy, and I’m from Concord, New Hampshire. It is surreal to fathom that I will be carrying out my seventh grade dream of traveling to Nepal! My passion for traveling to such a wonderful country derived from my school’s Be the Change club which I joined in middle school. I am exceptionally fortunate to have grown up in such a diverse school community as over 14 percent of the student body are from different countries. The club promotes multicultural awareness and celebrates the vibrant diversity in the school. I have met some of my closest friends in this club, many of whom are from Nepal! After years of hearing my friend’s stories, their culture and celebrating many holidays together, including Diwali which is one of my favorites, I feel so thankful to be able to finally experience it myself, with all of you!

When I’m not helping out in the Be the Change club you can find me outdoors! I have been a competitive Nordic skier for most of my life, I have also grown up riding horses and I have been practicing yoga for quite some time. I also love to alpine ski, bike, hike, waterski, run and play with my dogs in my free time. I enjoy being with kids and being at my summer camp where I’ve been a counselor to eight and nine year old girls for a few years.

I have been on a gap year since I graduated from high school last spring. I elected to do so to gain perspective, grow as an individual and cultivate intentions before I go to college in the fall. I deferred from Rollins College but had second thoughts and decided to apply to other schools this fall, which I will hear back from on our trip! This fall I lived in an ashram yoga center for a couple of months. I gained a deep spiritual understanding through hours of meditation and classical yoga asanas and philosophy which I am so grateful for. I also worked full time as a server to save for this trip!

I have done a few mission trips to El Salvador with my community in high school, but never have I traveled so far for so long with new people until now! I’m looking forward to meeting you all as I know in three months, at the end of our life-changing adventure together, we will be life long friends. I know that you are incredible individuals who have wonderful perspectives, aspirations, stories and attributes that you bring to this world and I can’t wait to hear them all. I am sending positive energy and light your way in these final days until we meet!

Namaste my friends! See you real soon 🙂                                                                                                                                                       Missy