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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Thank You Nepal (a gratitude poem)

Thank you Nepal for bringing together a group of amazing people, unified by our desires to learn more about ourselves through exploring a foreign land.

Thank you for our awesome group leaders, Claire and Rishi, who selflessly shared their love of this place, which is grand.

Thank you for allowing me to meet Micah, who was such a special inspiration in my daughter’s journey of life.

Thank you for Milan Rai, whose journey to happiness inspires me to live a life without strife.

Thank you for teaching me that my true needs in life are much fewer than I once thought.

Thank you for teaching me that people have more in common, than not.

Thank you for humbling me with respect for the artistic talents that have been passed down through the ages.

Thank you for our morning PENX and allowing me to see that my fellow travelers are truly all sages.

Thank you for allowing me to always feel safe and secure.

Thank you for sharing all your smiling faces, whose mutual curiosity of me was so pure.

Thank you for giving me a new love of warm water through all my cold showers.

Than you for introducing me to Ghurkas and allowing me to gain an appreciation for the process and all the required blood, sweat and hours.

Thank you for providing me time and space to reflect on my own life, giving me perspective.

Thank you for all the delicious food and especially the raksi digestive.