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We-Team Promise To You

Namaste India Students!

Our instructor team is currently high in the mountains in Nagarkot, Nepal planning for our upcoming three months together. Over warm cups of chai we are finalizing logistics, reading your recently posted Yaks, and planning excursions. We know that you have now had the chance to read our individual introductions as well as speak to us on the phone, but we wanted to provide you with further information about who we are as an instructor team.

We hail from different parts of the world, but each have a love for the mountains of India.
Our educational paths differ from one another, but we each value the power of experiential learning.
What grounds us in uncertain situations varies, but we agree that uncertainty brings self-discovery and self-awareness.

Each of us looks forward sharing a piece of ourselves with you.
Uttara is looking forward to showing you where to find the best cup of chai in a hole-in-the-wall shop in the mountains of Ladakh.
Anna can’t wait to watch the full-moon rise over the Ganges with you and share in conversations about identity.
Saurabh wants to show you the small, hidden temples in the alley ways of Banaras, and take you through the hills of his home village.

As a team, though, we will be taking on each day with a sense of openness, flexibility, and support. We are welcoming you to India with a recognition that you, too, come from different backgrounds and stories. We hope that you will share your individual strengths and interests with us, and feel comfortable expressing your questions and uncertainties. We encourage you to show your vulnerabilities, and promise we will share ours. In this three-month time frame we will be resources for one another in moments of joy and hardship, and as instructors we will facilitate opportunities to share these thoughts and feelings.

We will each have individual experiences, but within the context of a group experience that will be unique to the fifteen of us. Once we are all together at our orientation site, we will reflect and expand upon these promises and ideas and together create a community culture that speaks to us a whole.

With compassion and excitement,
Your Instructor Team