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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

You won’t see this in the USA!

Look what I saw just outside the gate of my Nepali family’s home!  So amazing- there was a mom and dad and two youngsters. I was able to get quite close without them running away and was beyond excited to have this experience.

Sadly, I have not made much progress with the family dog Prince, who turns out to be a female. I am still greeted with barking and growls.  However, the people of Patan have made up for this a thousand times over. I am reminded of the most simple form of communication, a smile. I start each morning with my 25 minute walk to the program house, and my heart is soaring by the time I get there from the beautiful greetings I am blessed to receive. The young children are especially cute when they get excited to practice their English and yell out “hello” to this woman who is clearly not from Nepal.

As an update to my embossing lessons, I must say I am truly humbled by how challenging it has been to try to learn even the most simple technique. My attempt at straight lines with a raised metal center produced a piece of copper that looks like a lot like a sheet of corrugated metal. Needless to say, I won’t be bringing home a finished piece of art, but the experience and the memories are worth so much more.