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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

3 day trek

I was very curious to see how I would do on my first trek ever. On the first day, going from Bhaktapur Guest House to Nagarcot, the 12 miles took quite the toll on my thighs and feet. I was very surprised that I had it in me to keep going after about mile 8 but there was no other option. The next day was a 16 mile hike from Nagarcot to Chisapani. I felt great the whole day and tried maintain a good pace after being called out to lead the group. After day 2, my feet and calves were destroyed but so was everyone else’s which gave everyone a mutual respect for each other. Day 3 consisted of a 8 mile hike from Chisapani to a meeting place so we could take a bus to the Program House in Kathmandu. It was a tough first part of the hike, which included way too many stairs, but everyone managed. After we hit our lunch spot, we were mostly going downhill which was a relief to everyone. Overall, the trek was an amazing experience that brought our group a lot closer together. Can’t wait for the adventures to come.