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“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.”

HI, I am a sophomore at Vail mountain school who’s lived in Breckenridge Colorado my whole life. I decided to go on the China Interterm to expand my knowledge and to see more of the word. I love learning about Chinese philosophy, and hope to improve my mandarin in China. My goal is to see, do and taste as many experiences as possible.

The quote above (being a translation from part of the Tao Te Ching) can be interpreted as saying that a traveler on a journey (someone going through life) should have to fixed plans or destination; life is unpredictable and as you go through it you should have no set expectations or you may be disappointed or not gain happiness with what you think you haven’t accomplished. Going through life you should be open for anything to happen, so then you can be prepared and content with the outcome. This could be seen as “scary” in the sense that this says you have absolute no control over what happens, and you shouldn’t expect anything to happen a certain way; but this can also be seen as better, for with this truth there can be the possibility of  greatness in your future.

Durning the trip to China we were told of the locations of where we would be, but none of us probably actually know or can comprehend what we’ll experience. And what we’ll come back with is even more of a mystery.