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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

A Lil Mini Trek

The first week of orientation lead the group smoothly into our three-day trek. Getting to know each unique 18-19 year old brought the group together in an important, formative manner. Going into the first day of our mini-trek, myself and the rest of the group were feeling ready to be walking through the hills of Kathmandu Valley.

As we gradually ascended, during the beginning of our 12 miles of the day, the greenish-yellow steps in the form of hills multiplied; and eventually became surrounded by pointed white tops. Being the sweeper of the group, I was both able to enjoy the scenery, and pace myself during my first trek of over five miles.

The second day proved to be by far the most challenging in terms of length. The day was filled with light brown dusty roads and beating sunshine, only taken from us as we approached our lodging for the night. Mud lightened the shade of brown of our hiking boots, and the wind chilled our sweat from the lengthy day. After arriving at our lodging, the group chugged a couple of cups of chai, sharing our exhaustion with each other, barely keeping our eyes open. Despite the complaining, and sometimes silence, during this time, we felt a sense of belonging among one another.

Our last day was almost entirely spent descending the steps of the national park, where we’d been trekking for the past day. Though many of us were excited to be done with the endless uphills, all of the tension built up in our muscles, and the tension built up from our tiredness rose to the surface. Once we finally arrived to the bus in Kathmandu, we were ready to lay down, journal, or do anything to have some time to ourselves.

My first overnight trekking experience was one of the dopest times I’ve ever had, despite never having trekked to this extent, and the fact that I’ve known this group for about 10 days. 🙂