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A Strange New World

India is an expansive country with an uncanny amount of vast diversity. It’s hard to believe I’m actually here in the thick of it. When I first discovered I got accepted into the India semester I was overjoyed and filled with excitement. Then, it dawned on me how little I truely knew about the country, people, and culture. Honestly, I had very few preconcieved notions about India. That being said I am guilty of buying into stereotypes and single stories of the country. I was worried the food would be incredibly spicy and have me in tears at each meal. Luckly, it’s not the case there’s a wide variety of food and spice levels making it easy to avoid over doing it with the heat. Another thing that weighed on my mind is the pollution and cleanliness. While pollution is everpresent in the cities most the people aren’t dirty. Interestingly enough Indian culture holds cleanliness in extremly high regards. Whilst being here I’ve washed my hands more then I normally do back home and personally feel cleaner. Granted we do eat most of our meals with our hands so they do need to be quite clean. While in India I’m looking forward to exploring and expiriencing India I want to try and learn as much as possible about both the spoken and written language. I’ve already learned some of the basics like thank you, hello, and you’re welcome but look forward to learning more. Overall, India is a colorful, diverse , and wonderful place full of life and people!