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Advances of Chinese Technology in the Classroom

After already spending a day in China, we had the opportunity to visit the Champion Learning School. While we were there we able to have conversations in both Mandarin and English with the kids. During our time there we did introductions in each-other’s languages, hoping to reach a more extensive cultural understanding. Yet, a reoccurring trend with all of the kids was asking us if we had a WeChat. For those of you that do not know, a WeChat is a type of Messaging Board System that most people in China use to communicate, when something such as iMessage does not exist. This enables them and us to continue to express one of V.M.S.’s own principals, community. This philosophy is very significant to V.M.S.’s Intraterm and Where There Be Dragons because it continues to illuminate our purpose by showing how it can be done through technology. As it has continued to become more apparent in our lives, it gives us the choice to work towards bettering relationships between people on the other-side of the planet. Even as our trip continues to progress, and we get closer to our departure we will still be able to talk to our new friends; as they have already started messaging us, we can only hope that this will continue in hopes of progressing our understanding of the Chinese people and their language.