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Ahlan Wasahlan min Jana

Hello, ahlan-wasahlan, my name is Jana. I was born in Cambridge, England while my mum was doing her PHD there. I grew up in Cairo and moved to Boston in 2013 right after President El Sisi took over via military coup. I am a freshman at Milton Academy who is so excited to visit Jordan. My family loves to travel and we regularly visit family in Egypt and the UAE (Dubai + Abu-Dhabi). I have been to Morocco, Lebanon and the UAE and am so excited to add Jordan to the list of Middle Eastern countries I have visited. I am very interested in Middle Eastern affairs and International Relations which makes this trip all the more relevant. I speak Arabic and English and am so excited to meet people in Jordan and learn more about the differences and similarities between Jordanian and Egyptian culture. While in Jordan, I hope to learn more about the political and humanitarian issues that are going on there while also exploring the history of the country. I am looking forward to meeting “Jordanian” people and making connections/learning about new perspectives.

Bitshakira awy for this opportunity!
Best, Jana