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Appleby College Teacher / Lead/Co-Lead

Greetings from the great white north, it’s Sheila Kuyper here and I will be one of the trip leaders from Appleby College. We are all very excited to be heading to Cambodia and I will be working alongside my co-leads Ariella and Jackie in addition to the amazing group of Appleby Students we are bringing over.   Experiential Education and travel are two of my favourite things, it’s remarkable to me to see what happens to all of us when we are immersed in new and sometimes challenging situations.   In my humble opinion experiential education and travel really highlight the things we all have in common, while still giving us opportunity to celebrate the diversity in each of us and those cultures we explore.   I am very much looking forward to making the most of this opportunity on a variety of social and emotional levels and sharing it with you all.

Cambodia here we come!