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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Awaiting your arrival in La Paz, Bolivia

Hi students,

We have arrived in La Paz and are eagerly awaiting your arrival.  We will meet you at the La Paz airport early in the morning on February 8th, the day your flight arrives.  Once you arrive at La Paz airport, you will need to exit the plane, gather your bags, and go through immigration and customs.  All of you already have Bolivia visas except for Hannah who will be getting her visa upon arrival, which is usually a pretty quick and easy process.

We will be waiting for you right outside the immigration and customs room.  You’ll find us easily as it is a very small airport and we know which door you will come out from.  From the airport we’ll begin our travels to Coroico in the Yungas (about four hours outside La Paz) to start orientation.  Don’t worry, we’ll get some breakfast and snacks on the way, and you’ll have a chance to rest a bit before we dive in too deep.

See you very soon,

Parker, Ana, Itza & Jeff