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China Intraterm Introduction

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.”

I interpret the Mitchell quote as saying that one must not be so focused on the destination and let plans be flexible. This will allow for more rich, spontaneous experiences that one often cannot plan for and that are one of a kind. From past experiences, I have learned that having an open mind can take you a long way. There is something about the unknown, the unplanned for, that makes experiences more memorable. I could look up the Great Wall of China and plan a tour at an exact time and while I’ll have cool pictures, it could be that the journey to that appointment is full of random encounters with locals that are far more enriching. This is something I look forward to greatly for the upcoming trip to the Yunnan province.


My name is Kailin and Mandarin is one of my favorite subjects. I am excited about this opportunity to immerse myself in the language and riches of the culture during this trip. I decided to join this course not only to learn more about the culture but also to expand my awareness of the unique people and places in Yunnan province. During our time together, I hope to meet several locals and practice my language skills. I also am interested in knowing about them and their lives, something that I cannot find in a textbook.