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Clara’s Question about New Year’s

Hi Clara & Everyone – Thanks for your patience over the last few days as we’ve been a bit slower to respond. We (Gong, Kristen & Greg, along with China Program Director, Jody, and other Dragons instructor teams and staff) are currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand at our pre-semester Instructor Training and Orientation. We’ve been busy! And we’ll try to send a photo soon 😉

Clara – great question about the approaching Chinese New Year holiday – something we’re going to be learning a lot about and jumping right into after everyone arrives in China. Shortly following this message, we’ll be sharing our Tentative Itinerary for the semester. During the New Year Holiday, we will be in home-stays in the village of Nanyao in an area called Lashihai, about an hour outside of the small city of Lijiang, Yunnan. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to celebrate with our wonderful and welcoming homestay community in Nanyao!

As for red envelopes and money, we don’t suggest that you bring those yourselves. We may pick up some red envelopes to fill with (very small) amounts of money to share with village children – as you said Clara, that’s definitely a New Year’s tradition – but we can prepare for this as a group and you don’t need to worry about bringing cash or supplies from home.

Thanks for the question – please keep them coming if you have them! More soon,

Your Instructors