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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


What’s up Mom, Dad, and Gabriel,

I promised I would start my first YAK like this so here goes. So far the experience has been amazing. We have been staying these past four nights in a hotel in an area called Dhulikhel in the east of Kathmandu. From our rooms we can see the sunrise behind the mountains in the distance. I constantly look forward the scene as the sunlight reflects of the snowy peaks revealing a brilliant gold as the red sky rises behind.

The trip has also been full of new experiences. Right now I’m typing this while wearing two pairs of long underwear, both a long sleeve shirt and undershirt, long thick wool sock, and a puffy jacket. This is definitely the first time I’ve not only worn long underwear, but needed it so desperately. The other notable new experience was learning how to eat with my hands. When it was first proposed to me, all I could picture was Ia on my shoulder telling me that her grandchildren have better manners than that. Don’t worry though, I really don’t like it and am not planning to keep up this practice beyond these three months.

The group I’m with is full of different characters, but all of us have a strong interest in learning about Nepal throughout this experience. The instructors are also a good fit for this experience, as they know a lot about the country and how to work with a group of students our age. They have heavily contributed to such an awesome experience till now. A lot of us are musicians, so there have been many hours of singing and guitar and ukulele playing. Teamwork is also a strong point, especially in our Nepali classes where everyone is each other’s tutors. Just a heads up though, this language is hard so don’t expect me to return with much vocabulary.

Lastly, I just want to make sure you know everything is ok, and I’m only writing this because it is an assignment. Anyways, I’ll take advantage of this assignment to let you guys know that there is no need to worry about me. Everything is well. Plus the instructors took away my phone and tablet, which I know will make you happy. See you in July. I’ll call you guys once I’m back in Kathmandu.

Singing out till next time I’m forced to write another post,

– Tomas

P.S.: Tell Nico that most of the music that has been played aligns with his tastes. Finally all those hours of having to cope with your noise has had a miniscule impact. Peace in the East.