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When my peers and I initially arrived in Delhi, we were greeted by a handful of new sounds, smells and people. As we were herded off through the beeping horns and cars, weaving in and out of lanes, the picture I had previously painted of India in my head dissolved before my eyes. As I settled into bed on my first night in Delhi, I listened to the noises below. The constant noises or traffic and mysterious voices below drifted up through the window as I lay exhausted, yet entertained. My annoyance at the noises vanished as I drifted in and out of sleep, forming a new idea of India. At that moment I let go of my preconceived notions and ideas that I had come with and vowed to let my experience shaped my perception of India instead of the other way around. The next morning I awoke, groggy and hungry, but ready to explore and further my knowledge of this new place.

I hope to use the rest of my trip to further my knowledge of India and I hope to find a side of myself I am not yet aware of. I look forward to exploring my connection to the world around me and the impact that travels such as this can have on both myself and those around me. I hope to come away from this with a sense of self and come back more informed about the dangers of stereotypes and single stories.