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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

No hablas Espanol

Hola, buenas tardas! This is one of the few phrases we can say during our scavenger hunt! With the groups being split based on Spanish skills, us beginners have been thrown in the thick of it! It is really hard to describe the word finger puppet when you don´t know a lick of Spanish! We bought a musical instrument for our instructors (shhh), so hopefully our musically inclined friends can help us learn a few songs! We also successfully bought a smoothie, the flavor options were licorice and cappucino (we learned this later, of course), we went with licorice (we described it as ¨rojo¨).

Also, we had quite the experience in el bano. There was a sign with an arrow pointing to ¨Bano¨ but there was a door underneath it, so Tone opened it. Turns out it was a room with a mother and child in it, and the mother came over and shut the door. When we found where the arrow was actually pointing, Tone opened the stall labeled as men to find a woman sitting on a toilet. Oops! We can only learn from experience, I suppose.

Signing off, only a minute left on our internet cafe computer!