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Going to Fez

Today we have made it to Fez and it looks beautiful. We are staying in another Riad, which is huge. I was very ad to leave Houda and the rest of her family, but I am also very excited to explore the markets and streets of Fez. We are going to go on a scavenger hunt soon and I plan on getting very lost during this activity.

Going back to the home stay, I had a wonderful experience. Houda was a very welcoming women who made some spectacular meals for Sarah and me. All of the food that we ate in her house included a lot of bread. For example, for breakfast before we left this morning I had pancakes with a side of bread.

One of the most special moments on this trip so far has been the party that we all attended on the last night of our home stay. All of the students, and Mr. Litowitz, got to dress up in traditional clothes and we all danced and sang to their music, which was such an amazing thing to be a part of,