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Hi everyone!


My name is Vivienne. I live in a small, quiet town in Connecticut, about an hour-long train ride from New York City, and have spent almost all of my life here. My family is Vietnamese, but I’ve never been to Asia or ventured outside North America. I don’t know any Mandarin either, but I’m excited (and nervous) to learn and experience it all with you guys!


I recently graduated high school in June and plan on going to college later in the fall. I spent the first half of this gap year working as a cashier at my local movie theater and as a babysitter. Some other random facts about me:


+I like to cook and draw in my free time.

+I like running and doing pilates.

+My favorite books are Mindset, Everything that Remains, and The Gifts of Imperfection.

+My favorite shows are Psych, Friends, and Gilmore Girls.

+I’ve got a twin sister who’s 20 minutes younger than me!


Excited to embark on this next adventure with you all!