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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.


Hey everyone, I’m Westby and I’m really excited for this trip!

I’m from New York City, and I’ve lived here since I was born. However, I went to a boarding school in northern Massachusetts called Groton School for high school where I graduated last June. After graduating, I decided to take a gap year before starting school at Harvard, and so far it’s been an amazing experience. From September to late December, I did an internship with the public relations department Major League Baseball in New York which was all I could have hoped for as a baseball fan. I then spent all of in Sydney, Australia enjoying the summer weather and training at a rowing club in a suburb called Haberfield.

Besides rowing in high school, I also ran cross country, played squash, worked on the school newspaper, and was a prefect in my dorm. Over the summers, I have been working at a cycling and adventure camp in Nantucket, Massachusetts called Strong Wings as a counselor in training and more recently a full full counselor. I also did some part-time work as a lifeguard. I love being outdoors, and especially going for runs, walks, and hikes. I’m also really into following professional sports; my favorite teams are the, New York Yankees, Knicks, and Giants as well as Manchester United. I also enjoy playing basically any sport whether it’s sailing,  surfing, golf, spike ball, or a more recently cricket. On the Academic side of things, I’m interested in American literature, Economics, and History. Recently, I’ve been reading and learning a good deal about South East Asian History, and I’m excited to see it for myself. I also am a big fan of card games.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone as well as beginning what I believe will be an awesome trip!