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Hello from Vancouver

Hello from Vancouver, Canada

Hey, Sarah here, reporting from Vancouver, British Columbia. I am extremely stoked about our upcoming adventures and can’t wait to connect with you all. A quick introduction: I am 19 years old. I love music, dancing, yoga, and getting out in nature (this photo is taken hiking near Banff National Park).  Over the last few months I have been working at a children’s bookstore and packaging granola.

I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit.   A couple of highlights are bicycling from Budapest to Vienna with three generations of my family, and going to China. My most recent trip was to Bali for yoga teacher training last year, followed by six weeks of backpacking through Costa Rica with friends and ending volunteering in Peru and hiking to Machu Picchu.  Each of these trips challenged the “story” that I had about the people and places. Usually the narrative I had in mind was very simplified. The thing that changed my preconceived notions the most was having a chance to talk to a variety of people from different walks of life in that place.   I feel that when you are traveling you have more of an opportunity to slow down and reflect than you have in your day to day routine at home.

I am really looking forward to broadening my experience – I’m expecting India to be challenging but awesome. Some of my ideas about traveling in India – the crowds, the smells, the poverty – give me butterflies in my stomach, honestly.   Living in home-stay will give us a chance to hear multiple stories, and gain a deeper understanding of what life there is really like.

So many emotions leading up to this trip but mostly excited. It is comforting to know that we will be in this adventure together!


Sarah Howard