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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Hey Everybody!

What’s up everyone? My name is Matt Killea, and I live in Coronado, California, which is like a peninsula off San Diego. Last May, I graduated from a small boarding school near Santa Barbara named Cate School, and am heading to Cal Poly SLO next fall. Since graduating, I’ve been working down here in Coronado and travelled for a month in Japan and Hawaii with a friend from high school.


Growing up, I moved around a lot, which is one of the main reasons that drove me towards being interested in taking a gap year. While living overseas, I became a strong believer in that some of the best learning comes from hands-on experiences while out of your comfort zone, something that I’m sure we’ll all encounter a lot of during our time in Indonesia. I also came to love meeting people from all different walks of life, which is one aspect of this trip that I’m looking forward to. I’m also super excited to learn about the different cultural traditions, try all the different regional foods and learn some of the language.


I’m pretty big into sports, both playing and watching them. I used to live up in the bay area during middle school, so all my favorite teams are from there and will happily talk about sports for as long as you want. I took up ceramics in high school, and am hoping that maybe there will be a chance to do some or something similar on the trip for my ISP. I like pretty much every outdoor activity, whether it be snowboarding or backpacking, and just being outdoors in general, so being in such a naturally beautiful place for 3 months will be awesome.


It’s pretty crazy that we leave in a week now; the trip seemed far away only a little while ago. Hopefully I’m not the only one scrambling a little to get everything packed still. It still feels pretty surreal that we’re heading off into a lot of unknowns for 3 months, but I guess that’s all part of the adventure. Looking forward to reading the rest of everybody else’s yaks and seeing everyone in LA soon!