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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.


Rob here. Looking forward to meeting you all in person on Wednesday, T-2 days away (hard to believe!).


Because we’re so close to departure I’ll keep this intro reasonably brief.


I’m from Canada, and have lived in Toronto all my life. I’m incredibly lucky to have been born into a supportive and caring family; my parents are relatively sane and my three older brothers never picked on me (too) much. As a Canadian I do reinforce some well-known stereotypes. Yes, I have built and slept in an igloo. Yes, I do like wearing red plaid flannel. Yes, maple-products are awesome. Sorry.


A bit about my interests. I was a competitive rower in High School until I was injured in senior year. I love music and play guitar/piano; favourite musical genres include indie/alternative, rock, and funk. I’m a literature nerd, and can sometimes get way too excited about the written word.


I decided to take a gap year last June. I had just finished a fairly structured & rigorous high school experience and thought a year off sounded like a great idea. So far I’ve been interning at a startup in Toronto, which has been absolutely amazing — the people there were incredible and I learned a ton.


Reading through the materials for this trip I feel totally energized. Greatly excited to meet everyone in LA, and to learn and travel with you along the Mekong. See you soon!