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Home Is Where the Dragons Are

Of all the people that I have shared joy and sorrow, hardship and success, the people I am with now will forever join their ranks.  Each one of us has come with a gift to share and knowledge to spread.  And each of us will leave with a piece of one another to hold; for once a memory has been created the people within last forever.


Travel with strangers is well, with friends is better,

But know that we are all one small family happy ever after.


So shout out to the one who makes the group laugh so easily.  You remind us that life isn’t as serious as it’s made out to be and laughter is simply the best cure for any ailment.

Thanks to the one who keeps us grounded and shares wisdom so freely.  You have reminded us all of the power of reflection.

I appreciate the one who flows with energy and passion.  You free us from the shackles of structure and time.

Bravo to the one who seems silent, but each word spoken contains meaning and thought.  You show us that words are often best left unspoken.

Thank you to the one who has their wits about them.  As soon as a box forms around our group, your thoughts are quick to escape its confinements.  You show us that thoughts and expression transcend order.

Cheers to the one who can take any experience in stride.  We have all witnessed through your example that life isn’t so heavy when it’s received in light fashion.

I praise the selfless one who is always eager to help. We have seen your vision to create a better community within and outside of our family.  Your actions create an echo that humbles us all.

I tip my hat to the one who speaks freely.  You provide us comfort in knowing that ideas can be expressed effectively without the use of unnecessary filters.

To the one who interprets life as a grand play, we can ever so often find ourselves engaged in this act.  And maybe, just maybe we are privileged enough to catch a glimpse of this play from your perspective.  So thank you.

I want to give thanks to the one who works tirelessly but seeks no praise.  Though it may not be spoken, we have all witnessed this effort and it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.  By your example the group will be able to better receive challenge with courage in our hearts.

The one who always speaks up when no one else is willing to, I appreciate what you do.  Your voice is heard clearly and is necessary in all aspects.  You have given us a glimpse at the power of voice.

And to the one who writes these words, perhaps you aren’t the true author alone.  Perhaps the words are a collection of the many thoughts, ideas, and stories of the new family you have already come to love.  Perhaps the author of this post is each and every Dragon who’s a part of the small family we have learned to call home.