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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.


I am from the music city,

the place that grinded me out into the person I am today,

where there are people strumming the guitar and

singing their heart out on every street corner,

where I learned to be strong through adversity,

where my grandad and I became so close on the golf course,

I am from Lynwood Lane,

where I go by the nickname 7 hour shower,

where I enjoy being by myself and my brother,

where I spent the past year,

where I learned to keep my head up both emotionally and physically,

I am from my friends,

where I get extra strength from Miles and Randy,

where we’ve spent time chilling at the creek,

where my brother and I will always be there for each other,

where Cappy gave me his Saint Christopher necklace,

I am from the Pasta Shoppe,

where my family sells noodles,

where I met my second family in JOJO, Dubi, and Ivica,

where I have learned about entrepreneurship,

I am from my family,

sharing time at Preds games with my dad,

going to cooking classes with my mom,

supporting my lil bro anyway I can,

where I will learn the secret chocolate recipe from Cookie my grandma,

where Cappy and I have bonded,

where my heart is

I am from myself and my thoughts


Love my fam

From Clarke