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At first glance, India could be everything you may assume it to be. But these past couple of days the dragons and I have taken a couple steps forward into the picture and have reflected on the country through our own perspective, and not for just a quick glance. So far I have been driven, walked, shopped, and eaten my way through Delhi, a beautiful, loud, colorful, populated city.

I assumed for my first experience in Delhi, I would have been overwhelmed, overstimulated, and just exhausted by everything around me. I thought the scents from the food and people would hurt my nose, or I would be run over by the raging traffic, or shoved into an unknown crowd. But instead the smell of endless spices and warm bread coming from random food carts and small restaurants filled my nose and made my stomach growl. The cars rushing by me, instead of scaring me frozen, entertained me and made my heart rush. Between the colored Rickshaws and large hand painted trucks, the streets became filled with magic. My eyes didn’t know where to look, but no matter where they landed, I found something new and interesting that I’d never seen before. And even though you most likely ended up having to shout while talking to the person right next to you because the honking was so loud, it became music to my ears. My first day the honking scarred me, and I assumed it was coming from negative intentions. But I soon came to learn the honk was a small sign of endearment, and a way of friendly drivers communication. Now, I know if my taxi or bus driver isn’t honking, I should probably start to try and find a new driver.


As for the rest of my future trip, I hope to blossom in my self growth, and truly expand myself in all ways. Physically I hope to push my body and test my flexibility. I plan to attend yoga as much as possible in Varanasi and enjoy connecting my mind and body. I also intend to dig more into the topic of culture and spiritual aspects within India and expand my knowledge so I can begin a larger transition to move into a more aware version of myself. On a larger scale, in regards to me being apart of this earth I want to work on reminding myself to appreciate all of my surroundings, and remain grateful and humbled for the experiences and people I meet. I want to end my travels in a healthy mind-body energy with a newfound appreciation of India and all that it will continue to so generously give me.