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Rice paddy terraces

Intro from Izzy

Hi everyone! I’m Izzy. I live near Lake Champlain in one of Vermont’s many small towns, although I lived in Arizona for the first six years of  my life, and was born in China. I haven’t been back since I was born, but have traveled in North America and in a few European countries. This past summer, I went on a road trip around the United States, and have now been to 45 states! Wherever I am, I like to spend time outdoors, whether it’s camping, hiking/backpacking, skiing, kayaking, swimming, biking, etc.

I graduated high school this past spring, and spent my fall semester studying Spanish in Barcelona, Spain. In high school, I took a little of both Spanish and Mandarin, but I am much more comfortable with Spanish. I hope to improve my Mandarin a lot this spring!

Looking forward to meeting and spending the next three months with you all!

See you all soon, Izzy