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Introduction and Quote Analysis

My name is Jagger Fugate, I am in the 10th Grade, I have attended V.M.S. for three years now, and I have been taking Mandarin for two. As we have begun to embark upon our journey to China, I have been thinking a lot about what exactly this all means to me, and why. I see this trip as a wonderful opportunity to expose myself to a new and very diverse culture. That does tie into why I want to go, but the reasons for that are much more vast. I have traveled the World before, yet to no place such as this. The more I researched, and the more that Mr. Hustad told me about his travels in China, the more curious I got. Although videos and peoples reports on China are interesting, I believe that nothing could beat the real thing and that I would have to experience it for myself.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.”

When I had first read this quote, it had reminded me of peace. Normally when you think of travel you normally shift towards the trend of a strict schedule, order, and a set agenda. But what this quote offers is something different, it allows the traveler to enjoy the journey, not setting expectations for one’s trip; but allowing oneself the leniency and freedom to live for the experience. Even so, traveling to a new place can be scary; and even with all of the freedom that this may offer, there is a double-standard of responsibility. Whether that means respecting the new land, peoples, customs, and cultures; or taking it upon yourself to find happiness in the Chaos, and help lead others to a way of acceptance. For me personally, I would like to carry this quote with me through my travels to China, in all of the aspects that I have listed above. Not setting expectations, but taking pleasure in the fact that I have this opportunity, and doing my best to make sure that I can make use and worth of my time in China.

-Jagger Fugate