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Introduction-John Armstrong Griffin

Hello everyone! My name is John Armstrong Griffin, but you can call me Jake. I have lived in the South Shore of Massachusetts almost my whole life (I also lived in New York City for a short stint). Therefore, I am excited to just experience something new in general! I have visited only a few other extra-national places which all speak English (Wales, St. Thomas Island, and Canada), so this trip would be a hugely informative and new experience. In the span of my short life, I have never been more fascinated than when studying the Middle East. Every year it remains pressing; every day it remains intriguing. Jordan, one of the more stable areas, seems like the perfect place to learn more. Outside of my interest in the Middle East, I am fascinated by philosophy, science fiction, and generally anyone passionate about their work. If you have something you’re enthralled by, I am all ears. Other than those tidbits, I look foreword to meeting everyone!