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Hi Everyone,

My name is Ms. Ariella Racco and I am thrilled to be co-leading this trip with Ms. Titanic, Ms. Kuyper and the wonderful WTBD staff, Claire and Yut.

I decided to go to Cambodia because I wanted an experience to push me out of my comfort zone as an educator and person. I have never travelled anywhere in Asia and did not learn a lot of Cambodian history and culture until recent years. I’m looking forward to expanding my horizons and embracing a new way of life (if only for a short while.) As we watched in Chimamanda’s TED Talk, I want to learn and create multiple stories of Cambodia.

In all my personal travels, I am most affected by the people I meet on my journey. I am very excited to share in this experience with Appleby students, many of which I didn’t know before this trip. My goal is to seek opportunities to learn from and about the Khmer individuals along this trip. I don’t want to allow language, culture, or any other component to become a barrier for making these connections.

I’m really looking forward to sharing in this journey with you all soon.

Ms. Racco