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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Lares Trek: Into the mountains

Hello queridas familias y amigos,

Last night marked a transition for our group from orientation to our first trek. After a magical ceremony where we were led by Sandy and our hosts during our orientation days in Urubamba, we asked for a blessing from the mountain that we will be passing during our journey, Pamahuanca. Asking for permission and blessings from the mountains, or in Quechua, Apus, is a tenant of Andean Cosmology that is essential before making your way into nature. In this way you will be protected and you are in communication with your surroundings. This morning the group sets foot on our three day trek towards Lares. Our last day on trek will be at a natural hot springs so that we can rest and relax from our time in the mountains. Students are excited and nervous to begin and we are sure that they will be enchanted and grounded by this experience in the Sacred Valley.

The Instructor-led Focus of Inquiry for our course is “Back to the Basics: Reconnecting with the Pachamama” or Mother Earth and we feel that going out into the natural world around the Sacred Valley will do just that. We will be able to connect with our senses in the most basic of ways. Feeling the mountain air on our cheeks, tasting the cool springs of water on our path, smelling the damp Earth beneath our boot-clad feet, seeing the vibrant green that this rainy season unveils, and hearing the chirps of the birds as we wander.

The group will be camping in Lares until Thursday morning so we will be back online at that point to let you all know how our trek went.

Saludos y hasta pronto!

Lxs Instructorxs