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“Like What You Have “

“If you don’t have what you like, then like what you have.”

This was something that our guest speaker, Aicha Brahimi, told us Wednesday morning that resinated with me as she spoke to us about Women’s rights and the female community in Morocco. As a majority of Moroccans don’t have very much money. But as an Islamic and Muslim community it is their duty to support the poor as much as they can.

As an American who is fortunate enough to live the life I have and go on this trip, I am grateful and appreciative of the life my family has given me and supported me with(including the small things, like a hot shower).  And I don’t say that enough.

So thank you Mom and Dad for giving me all of these opportunities. I’ve noticed on this trip that I don’t say it enough but just know that everything you do for me is not going unnoticed.

Love and Miss You!