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Love is in the Moroccan Air

  1. Happy Valentines Day everyone! Today is the third day in Azrou. The homestay has been going really well; this has been a very unique and unforgettable experience because I would never get to soak up the culture otherwise. Lauren and I have a great homestay family and we have had a great bonding experience even though there is a language barrier. Last night our homestays gave us henna tattoos and it was really fun and so cool to watch. Our families like to watch tv with us and cook with us. The food is a lot better than I expected which is a bonus. Our family is really present with us and we all still have a great time. Today we heard from a woman named Ayesha and she talked to us about women in Islam and Morocco. So far my journey in Morocco has been amazing and I can’t wait for it to be continued. P.S., I miss and love you mom and dad thank you for the Valentine’s Day present <3