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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Mr. Roach

Dear Mr. Roach,

You greeted me so hospitably, rolling around on the floor
On your back you waved your legs, knowing what was in store

I killed you once the other night
but you reappeared, gave me a fright
In the shower, then disappeared from sight
You are a terrible bore

But you weren’t through with me, Mr. Roach, I can see we have only begun
You crept upon me in the dead of night, thought you would have some fun

Across my naked leg you scuttled
Woke me up in a terrible muddle
I really do not want to cuddle
Mr. Roach you better run

And then again at dinner time, you greeted me with a smile
Unfortunately, I’m beginning to see we may be friends for a while

I’ll look for you when I take a shower
And then again at the dinner hour
In the dead of night when you never cower
You come and go in style

Until next time.