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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


I walked into the airport two hours late. Of course. Yes, I am often late, just ask my instuctors, parents, teachers…. Well this time, it was the fault of a Boston blizzard. So when I arrived, everyone was there, waiting for me on a little circle on the ground looking at this sweaty, slightly slimy girl with a creased brow approach. I’d spent the last two weeks, a funny little valley between my premature high school graduation and Nepal thinking about home, my friends, my budding relationships, just not Nepal. Id procrastinated my packing until the night before (of course), well… except for probiotics. Those, mathematically calculated to provide my gut microbiome enough diversity in strength for the time in Nepal, had been planned for months. Unlike my peers, I hadn’t posted an introduction to the Yak board, but I had read them everyone seemed so serious about the trip…. So excited about Nepal.So musical. I could not even sing three consecutive notes. They smiled up at me and started asking me questions. From the start, I saw the diversity in the group. Each one saw the world differently, looked differently, but all were bound by their openness…to me. For the first time in a little while, I didn’t feel scrutinized based on my appearance or the way I walked or pronounced words.

This initial feeling of acceptance and comfort opened and expanded as I, in the past few five days, got to know these people. Each one is vulnerable, deep. The actual journey of Nepal hasn’t quite started yet, but with these companions, I’m ready.