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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


I sit in a hotel on a hillside outside of Kathmandu. There is a good amount of nature that surrounds which pleases me. There is a lot of pollution coming over the hillside from Kathmandu, so much so that you cannot see where the city should be. This is saddening and frustrating for it is not good for our health. We have spent four or so days here and have a lovely group, plenty of compassion to go around. A lot of sillyness and laughing. Food is so darn good. We eat with our hands which is nice. Next time we go to Pondicheri I will eat with my hands. The towns remind me of what I saw in Nicaragua. Learning a lot about the effects of colonialism and globalism. Tomorrow we go to a sustainable farm, then we go to our homestays in Kathmandu. If I get my own room in Kathmandu, I am buying plants for air quality. My instructors are amazing people. One of them told me a story about when another dragons program was trekking through the snow and came across a barefoot priest. His feet were all torn up so they took him to the hostile. They offered to help bandage his feet; he refused. Later that night, the instructor went into the bathroom only to see the priest’s feet completely healed. Chew on that one! I think you’d really enjoy reading about the Nacirema tribe, if you have the time…

Peace prevails,

Benji wolf