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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


I met up with the group at Tribhuvan Airport last Friday.  As I made my way towards the international arrivals, with my giant backpack and guitar, I must have looked conspicuous, because I soon spotted a smiling man, jumping and waving at me, who I correctly assumed to be Aditya, who I’d talked with on the phone. I was the first one there, so we waited in anticipation for a while as the others made it off the plane and through customs. We took our own bus straight from the airport to the resort in Dhulikhel, east of the Kathmandu. I was more energetic and talkative than the others on the bus ride, being the only one not jet lagged. From the resort, the Himalayas were incredibly clear. I believe we could see Mount Everest, but we weren’t totally sure. It has been a lot of fun getting to know everybody else, with many activities, and just talking. I have enjoyed seeing the others start to learn Nepali in our daily Nepali lessons, while I have been writing and reviewing, with instruction from our teacher, Dipaji. It has also been really cold without any heating, as usual in Nepal, except for the giant fire in the dining room where we often gather at night. Many of us have been playing guitar and Ukulele and singing. I kind of taught a yoga class too!