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Rice paddy terraces


Ni Hao from Kunming! After some Where There Be Dragons preparation time in Thailand, we have settled back into the Middle Kingdom! In addition to slurping down delicious noodles and drinking lots of Pu’er tea, we have been anxiously awaiting your arrival. As you all prepare to embark on this new adventure, we want to thank you for taking this step towards the unknown, making the decision to challenge yourself, to share your time and energy, to leave your familiar life behind, and open your hearts up to a new experience. We understand that this journey will hold a unique space for each of you and we are looking forward to being part of that.

Last minute packing note: We want to encourage you to bring a warm coat and an extra layer. You won’t regret bringing a hat, scarf, and gloves. Yunnan is experiencing a cold spell and the mornings/evenings are particularly chilly!

We wish you a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable travel to China. Travel with good intentions, smile, talk to the person sitting next to you on the plane, and drink lots of water. We will be waiting for you at the Kunming airport, excited and ready to begin this journey together!

See you soon!

With happiness,
Kristen, Greg, and Gong