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No Fixed Plans, Not Intent Upon Arriving

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.”

Travel allows one to head out an explore, trying new things and meeting new people along the way. There is always a chance to move off the beaten path and head into the unknown. This sense of adventure and ability to work with the unknown makes for a great traveler. Through my own experiences, following a set itinerary only lets you see part of the picture. The adventures that define a trip always seem to come up at the most unexpected times. I plan to enjoy every part of the journey because that is what travel truly is. You aren’t headed towards one finite destination, you are moving through a new place and exploring all that you can find.

While we explore the Yunnan province, I hope to try many new things, meet new people, and truly immerse myself in the culture. There are so many opportunities that we will run into, and I hope we can all go with the flow and take advantage of any change that we see. Everything about the quote makes me excited. I can’t wait to get out there and see where we go. I hope to explore in a way that we all want, not in a way that is scheduled and can’t be changed.

Adopting this as a guiding principle in China would be amazing! There are so many things that can be missed is only the end goal is in mind.


Aside from the quote, I’m Olivia and a current senior at VMS. I decided to join this course because I love to learn about other cultures and to truly immerse myself in them. This course, especially following the discussion about the quote above, seems like the perfect chance to truly experience China and move away from the simple tourist attractions. As we are in China I hope to learn a lot about Traditional Chinese Medicine and see how it is implemented in people’s daily lives. Experiencing TCM while in China would allow me to truly understand the practice. Other than this, I simply hope to enjoy the time with all my classmates and move through the country, experiencing whatever comes our way.