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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Nother Day

Note:  The Princeton Bridge Year students planned a scavenger hunt and welcome ceremony yesterday afternoon for our semester group, including brownies and a bonfire at the program house farm!  This post was in response to a prompt in the scavenger hunt 🙂


Today the pavement tastes like the mothballs in grandmas frumpy closet dress. Mind you, those were notably tasty. However, yesterday it bore a sweet flavor reminiscent of strawberry gum, so in compáring the two I would have to opt for the latter. The frothing wound above my right eye continues to fester, but at least the insects that it attracts provide pleasant company during a standard day of roasting in the desert sun. I am proud to declare that my tongue now resembles a flaccid lunch sausage scrap left to dry on the back of a perspiring donkey. My outward appearance has never been grander! What a day to be alive. I hope the tiendita owner across the street has some tasty morsels for me at dusk…

Much love and licks,


(shouts out to Princeton Bridge kids for stretching our imaginitive writing abilities :P)