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On Our Way!

Hello friends, family, and loved ones!

We have spent our first twenty-four hours together as a group and the excitement for being in India has only built. Our day was spent orienting to this country and the very busy city that we are currently in. After a full night of sleep, we had a big breakfast of Tibetan-inspired cuisine and then departed for Lodi Gardens where we had a welcoming ceremony and some small informational meetings. After lunch at a south-Indian canteen, we went to the market where students each got an Indian outfit. After, we returned to our guesthouse, ate dinner, and went to bed early.

Our group will be departing for the mountains very early Saturday morning. We will be there for four days continuing our orientation to India and building of our community. There is a chance we will not have internet during this time, so please understand if you do not see any Yak’s posted. We will be certain to post upon arrival in Varanasi in one week!

Sending gratitude to all who have helped bring us together here in India.