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Rice paddy terraces

On the Tea Horse Road

Greetings from Tiger Leaping Gorge! While we have some interesting Yaks in store for you that will sum up our time in Nanyao village, we wanted to update you on our whereabouts and share some beautiful scenery with you!

This afternoon we arrived in Tiger Leaping Gorge – one of the deepest canyons in the world and an interesting location in history. Here, we trek along what was once part of the infamous Tea Horse Road – a trail that helped China trade tea for horses with Tibet for many years.

The jagged and snow-capped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is breathtaking and the sight of it alone is enough to motivate us all to reach greater heights. Tomorrow, we will wind around the steep 28 bends to reach the top of the Haba Snow Mountain (the mountain that the students are pointing at in the photo). We are promised incredible views from the top and as we descend.

Although we won’t be trading for horses, some local Pu’er Tea is definitely a must on this journey. Stay tuned! We will do our best to catch up on posts about the Nanyao homestays and of course, give more details and photos related to our hike!