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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

One Week in Kathmandu, Two weeks two go

After three day on the not so mini, mini trek. We finally arrived at Nargarkot. With the whole group intact.  We all suffered in different ways; weather that was from the blister on feet, hands or other part of are body which shall not be named.  But no one complained, every one had perseverance through till the end.

But when we finally arrived at the meeting point, everybody dropped their bags to floor. Out of the sheer relief that we had survived the mini trek. We finally had the comfort of set of wheels under us. As we hurried along the road.

As I looked  out from the window, about half way through the drive. There was a monkey on roof; we all stared in astonishment. As most us have never seem a monkey outside of a zoo.

We finally arrived at Kathmandu. There is a lovely “little house” with red bricked house, which we later came know as the Program House.  We end up spending our first night in Kathmandu at house. Which is bigger than it appears. When you’re looking in from the outside, it looks to be only a one story house, Then you enter the narrow white corridor. To the left you see a stairwell which leads to unknown. But straight ahead we saw the  living/ kitchen room. Then it hit us. The smell of Pumbudi cooking; the sweet smell of rice with dal. That was a dinner which filled us to brim!

The day came and we were destined to meet are new families for next three weeks. My family consists of two parents: Kanti and Hemant who are sweet human beings I’ve ever had pleasure of meeting. They have two sons who are my new brothers. I never had any brother growing up so was very interest to see what it would be like. Growing up I had three sisters. I’m youngest so I always got away with things. (OOOPPPSSSS) The grandmother is a character. She only speaks Nawari which I didn’t know till two night ago. So she’s teaching me Nawari.

Two night ago we made tacos. The littlest one had heard about tacos somehow and I’m not sure where he got the idea. But regardless we had blast at dinner. Using hot dog buns instead of Tacos shells. It was one of the best experiences of my home stay so far.

I really looking forward to the next two weeks with my host families and friends. With all the adventures yet to come.